The Analyzer invites you to publish your perspective, share your narrative and join the global discourse. We welcome content in all forms — reports, articles, videos, photo features and info-graphics.

We categorize content into five types:

  • 360° analysis is our signature feature where you get context and insights from around the world. The context piece explains the background of the issue and its importance. Other articles are longer and present a plurality of perspectives on the same issue. Typically, they comprise 500-800 words.
  • Opinion refers to articles on various issues that range from 800-1,500 words. We regard every article as a potential starting point for a new 360° analysis.
  • In-Depth provides an examination of an issue in detail or an extensive overview of recent developments such as our weekly report that gives a snapshot of key developments around the globe. This may comprise 2,000-5,000 words.
  • Blog comprises informal reflections and ruminations on issues facing humanity written in the first person. Pieces are expected to comprise 500-800 words.
  • Multimedia means content in video, audio, photo essays and any other interactive form.

Editing process for your article

The Analyzer reviews all submitted content. For content to be published, it goes through the following stages:

  1. Review of content
  2. Review of language
  3. Final review by Editorial Board

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