How ‘Social Media’ Became an Obsession of Youth

How 'Social Media' Became Obsession of Youth

Selfie has become an integral part of today’s social media era. Selfie is the way to show and see the beauty of life on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. The person in the selfie may not be as happy as they look.

Youth of this generation highly passionate about the technology and digital mediums of communications. Youth in India specially proactive on social platforms, they have wonderful experience and significance presence so far in Digital World. They feel more happy after accessing their social profiles instead of reading books, newspapers or any other medium of information exchange.

Selfie is an ultimate innovation, while using smartphone youth specially focused  towards captured pictures. It helps to take picture of your own while nobody around. Millennials are known for their obsession with “selfies.” Every day, hours and hours are spent on smartphones, leaving many of us wondering how this narcissistic fad even started.

Social media networks are wildly popular. According to a many surveys, nearly two-thirds of Americans are on social networks, and most users are between 18 and 29. To put that into perspective, Facebook has more than 2 billion users worldwide, while 330 million are on Twitter. Instagram is becoming more popular among all, it captured more than 1000 million ( 1 Billion) monthly active users worldwide till June 2018.

Video Source : The New Yorker (YouTube)

In India users of Social Media is increasing continuously with high speed. Presently India have more then 227 million users so far in 2018. In 2019, it is estimated that there will be around 258.27 million social network users in India, up from close to 168 million in 2016. The most popular social networks in India were YouTube and Facebook, followed by social app WhatsApp. Facebook is projected to reach close to 319 million users in in India by 2021.

Photo platforms are now on the rise and have the greatest appeal among millennials, with Instagram currently boasting some 1 billion users. Snapchat, a mobile-based app that is particularly popular amongst teens, has nearly 200 million. On these networks, users will often access the front camera on their smartphone to post a “selfie” — or a photo of themselves.

Smartphones are widely used now-days in every sections of our society. People of India shifting their interest from old medium of communications to digital mediums and technologies. Digital Technologies have an significant impact over people of different classes and sections of society. Social Media and other digital technologies are equally used even in rural areas.

Social networks allow for users to be fed a constant stream of information, varying from accomplishments, images from vacations and materialistic lifestyles. This has created a competitive nature, with each user seeking out the best way to depict an ideal self in a virtual world. Thus, some may find their own self-worth deriving from the image they post on social networks.


Social media has provided an outlet for people to seek instant gratification, but its overall impact may actually lead to depression.  Why millennials (Youth of 21st early Century) prefer the convenience of technology over real human connection.

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