HEC to Transform Higher Education System

HEC to Transform Higher Education System

The Government of India has started transforming higher education by replacing UGC with new regulatory body of Higher Education Commission (HEC). We do hope thing will be changed after this adaption in our higher education and functioning of universities.

The government has started the process of establishing Higher Education Commission instead of UGC. By dissolving the University Grants Commission what will be changes taken in place such draft will be prepared by MHRD, Ministry of Skills and other associates departments. Things have changed quite rapidly in the field of higher education. According to these changes, molding its structure and functioning was proving difficult for the UGC. Seeing the progress of the higher education sector increased and due to many new problems evoloved, the UGC was considered to be responsible.

When the Human Resource Development Ministry has made public the new law for the formation of the Higher Education Commission of India (HECI) and is seeking opinion from the common people, then it would be better to question the timing of this step. The imperfections of the new structure that takes its place will be well thought out.

It should be seen that what are the specific things in the proposed law that take the HEC forward from the UGC and also that there should be no defect in it, which will soon become a victim of regrets. One shortage of the UGC was that could not overcome the obstacles in the way of inviting faculty from universities of abroad. The lack of autonomy on questions like starting a new course is bound to obstruct the path of universities to adapt to changing needs. It is being said that the new law will be able to elevate the level of higher educatizon.

One basis of this hope is that the proposed HEC’s focus will be on affirmative issues. HEC will be kept free from the responsibility of funding. This responsibility will remain with the Ministry of Human Resource Management at the moment. Funding is fundamental to keeping the work directly under the Ministry, but the biggest concern is that the regulation of higher education in the country has not been started in a formal manner.

The new Act on HEC is not clear whether the MHRD will fund higher education or a new body will take over this function. The former, which is likely, raises the possibility of politicization of education system. The government must proceed with clarity and detailed planning of regulation and not undertake piecemeal reform. Transforming in higher education over the regulation and controlling the autonomy and monitoring all the central, state, deemed and private universities.

But a consensus at Centre and states which will trust university administrators and academic councils to make responsible use of the autonomy granted to them can be the starting point for the new HEC to start its work. With 44 central universities, over 500 state universities, more than 300 deemed and private universities, and nearly 40,000 colleges, no one body can supervise higher education and hope to do a good job of it.

Education system in many universities has collapsed there is many hurdles such as lack of faculty, insufficient fund, political issues, failed examination system and lack of infrastructure. More than 100 universities are running with shortage of infrastructure, these had 2-3 rooms and 10-12 persons of staff. How these universities will conduct examinations and other works of regulations and monitoring of colleges.

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Private Universities are the biggest problem of our education system. UGC or any other regulatory body like AICTE, PCI, NCTE and State Governments does not have control over the faculty selections, quality of teaching, infrastructure, monitoring over admissions. Such universities  In the absence of government monitoring, policy failure and lack of infrastructure provided by the government, the private universities became unbearable and most of the universities started are providing degrees against the rule. This has emerged “Education Mafia” in the field of education and the quality of education continued to decline.

There may be a lot of questions about the government’s latest initiative, but there is no doubt that it brings the agenda of change in the field of higher education. It needs to be tested in practice, in order to make arrangements of modern education in line with the needs of the growing society, industry and employment.

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