When ‘Skill India’ and ‘Make in India’ Will Create Jobs in India

When ‘Skill India’ and ‘Make in India’ Will Create Jobs in India

We have to increase our capacity to trained people with appropriate skills, which meets industry demand and jobs. In present only 20 per cent of the people in India have skill training while the number of such people in China is 91 per cent.

There has been a huge demand for young people having diplomas, ITIs and diverse skills certificates in addition to trained professionals with high professional skills and high skill techniques. In many reports, it has been said that in India, suitable skill for industry-business is not able to get trained labor force. Many Manpower Group said that there are not enough skilled people trained in industry for business. Only 20 per cent of the people in India have skill training while the number of such people in China is 91 per cent.

Global Demand

Overseas Indians are ahead in employment despite many difficulties. India is the first place in the world to receive money from the people of our country settled in the country. According to the World Bank’s report, the working population has decreased due to rapid increase in population growth rate in most developed and developing countries of the world. Since 65 percent of India’s population is under 35 years of age, the youth population of India can be trained skillfully and can be a useful tool for the world and economic revenue for India. At the same time, some countries such as the US, Australia, UK and Singapore have been trying to curb the growing steps of India’s efforts by making the visa-related norms tough, but on the other hand, like most of the world’s developed and developing countries like Japan and others welcoming Indians talent and work force.

We Can Change Scenario

According to a new study report by the global organization MacKinsey, Bangalore will be the world’s largest IT cluster by defeating Silicon Valley by 2020. At present, Bengaluru is the hub of IT, startup, venture capital and defense companies of India. Over 7 lakh professionals from the top 105 companies in the world work here. Many more slogans and surveys underscore the importance of educated-trained youths studying in India and IT, Management, Engineering, Commerce, Agriculture, Medical, Law, Accounting, Environment, Tourism, Foreign Trade etc. in the country and across the country.

Skills is a Key Factor 

We have to skillfully educate the youth who are behind the academic background. They have to be educated with employment oriented courses. Under the Prime Minister’s Skill Development Plan for such youth, free skill training programs are run in every corner of the country. The new generation going forward towards higher education will have to be built in the form of Human Resource, in line with skill development and employment needs. Techniques such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and cloud platform must be adopted by Indian IT companies and rapid adoption of techniques. The youth must be equipped with new course skill training.

Hope from Government

We have to put an example of China, which is the most employed country in the world. China has piled up employment opportunities on the basis of manufacturing, self-employed, micro-cottage industry and skill training. Looking at the good prospects in India’s manufacturing sector, we have to create a large number of jobs. The Make in India plan has to be dynamic. Hope, the government will prepare the new generation for self-employment and small-scale industries.

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