Need of Women’s Inclusion in India’s Economic Development

Women's Inclusion in India's Economic Development

In India women are struggling for right to equality and their inclusion in social and economic development. We find gender inequality in providing basic needs such as health, education, nutrition, food and business opportunities. We need to use emerging trends and technology to invest in financial inclusion of women.

In the past 10 years, India has stepped into its new role as a rising economic milestone, providing a counter-balance to China and recasting a new global landscape to the rest of the world. Yet underlying its magnificent growth is a current of discontentment. India’s growth has been expansive and development oriented, but it hasn’t been equitable or inclusive. India must now focus on to one of the untapped powerful resource — women, if India wants to become a global leader and superpower.

Women in India represent nearly 10% of the entire world population, yet discrimination against Indian women is widespread. As India’s GDP has grown steadily around 6%, female labor force participation has dropped from nearly 37% in 2005 to 27% in 2013. During this period, approximately 20 million women dropped out of the workforce, equivalent the entire population of Sri Lanka. It was all because of government policies, women development programs and strong economic scenario.

In India violence against women or girls has drastically increased in last couple of decades despite of several awareness campaigns. Researches finds that today India is listed among world’s most dangerous country for women, well ahead of Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan and other conflict-afflicted countries. Meanwhile, India has ranked 108 out 149 countries in Gender Gap Report by World Economic Forum. India was identified as one of those countries where gender parity was found in providing basic facilities like health, education, survival, jobs, food & nutrition and economics opportunities.

To enhance the economic status of Indian women and girls, the country’s governments of centre and states should focus on access of quality educational that includes technical and skill based education. Generally reforms in India does not reach to rural areas due lack of grassroots implementation strategies, where 60 – 70% of the population lives. India must simultaneously work to minimize the gap between Urban and Rural India. There is rapid development in urbanization in India, it creating new opportunities and jobs are available but women are not able to get those due to lack of safety in transportation, workplace and accommodation facilities.

India has taken some great initiative to strengthening women in the society by facilitating through various schemes under Modi government, but it hasn’t done good enough. Economic freedom is mandatory to women development in India that’s why government proving funds to women entrepreneurs through PMEGP and MUDRA schemes. Startup India is also making efforts to develop women entrepreneurs by facilitating ideas and funds through incubation centers and venture capitals. If India will work continuously on development of women entrepreneur for five years than it will definitely change the economics scenario of Indian society.

Women Skill Development

We need to use emerging trends and technology to invest in financial inclusion of women. India needs to develop safe transport system, workplaces and accommodation facilities for women friendly environment in metros and other cities. To create safe work environment we can use many technologies as bio-metric ID, digital IDs, GPS tracking transportation, surveillance systems, regular monitoring over activities, etc. This way we can open new doors for women to access their rights and grab available opportunities either in employment or business field.

An attitudinal shift of people is essential towards women to be considered as equals within their education, homes, career opportunities and safety in broader society, but we need a strong political will at the highest levels of Indian politics and government as well as society. If we are trying to become a superpower nation, we need our leaders to be every field like business, technology, science, politics, environment, global security etc. So 49% women population should be given equal opportunity at every level or field. India can no longer afford to neglect its women, because this power we have with our nation.

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