Congress Trying Goa-Manipur in Karnataka

Congress Trying Goa-Manipur in Karnataka

The Congress trying ‘Goa-Manipur’ in Karnataka, BJP having already honed the fine art of post-poll alliances (PPAs) in the 2017 assembly polls despite Congress being the single largest party in these two states. Now not only makes the strongest case yet for Post Poll Alliance, but makes it successful. 

JDS and Congress both are different in ideologies, but in politics everything is possible. Siddaramaiah himself used to be the leader of JDS. Siddaramaiah and former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda have a long history. Siddaramaaya used to be a representative of Janata Dal. After the Janata Dal split in 1999, he joined the Janata Dal (Secular).

In 2004, the Hung Assembly was formed in Karnataka. JDS and Congress coalition Congress’s Dharam Singh became CM and Siddaramaiah Deputy CM. Siddaramaiah was was not happy with JDS Supremo HD Devgowda because he had promised to make CM. Since then, cold war broke out between Siddaramaiah and Devgowda. After this, in 2005 HD Devgowda chose his son Kumaraswamy as his successor, unhappy Siddaramaiah left JDS.

Till yesterday, it was all about farmer distress, loan waivers, the Bengaluru Metro and whether Narendra Modi would win or lose this one. With the drama that inevitably accompanies Post Poll Alliance in Karnataka 2018 has come out as entertaining.

Going into elections, every party will think twice before launching forth a barrage of personal attacks on its adversaries. There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics. But it would be downright ridiculous and too in your face to badmouth someone who you jolly well may end up living with after the polls. So, PPAs could jolly well usher a new climate of polite electoral politics.

It stands to reason that political parties going into electoral battle with alliances in place have an advantage over go it alone. Well, after the results of the Karnataka elections trickled out on Tuesday afternoon. With the numbers that the three major parties clocked, there seems to be wisdom for, at least, the Janata Dal (Secular) to have stayed single till it managed to hook-up with Congress making HD Kumaraswamy the chief minister who came in from the backdoor.

This is the very specialty of politics. When friends become enemies, and when enemy friends, it is absolutely unpredictable, just like the result of the right election. Congress leader Siddaramaiah and JDS chief HD Deve Gowda, who started fighting against each other till yesterday, took control today. Not only this, Siddaramaiah for the JDS also abandoned CM’s throne.


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