Youth Need Jobs Not a ‘Lollipop’ of Reservation

Indian Youth expecting job creation from government specially those who come from upper caste rather than a political trap of reservation on the basis of economic status. Modi Government is trying to create a political way out for the upcoming elections in 2019.

Once again Modi Government did yet another surgical strike! This was not to win a battleground over the bordrs but this was for elections. This reaction was a unemployed youth after reading newspaper headlines. The news on the main page was announced by the announcement of 10 percent reserved seats for the poor’s of General caste, which was declared a surgical strike before the election. We did not stay, ‘Brother, this is not a surgical strike, it has run empty cartridges, but on the wrong target. Everyone knows that cannot be implemented. If applicable, then a poor person is not going to get a job. People need jobs rather than allocating a segment of reserve seats in education or recruitments. So far government has failed to produce jobs which were expected.

There is no doubt that most of the majority of the upper castes in the country live in poverty. Those who come from Bihar to work in Delhi and drive rickshaw or wage work, a large number of them belong to upper castes they cannot do small work in their village. There is a crisis of employment in the country, the general caste also has a crisis of employment. They need work, they need jobs in present time, if any government is taking a step forward we should welcome that but the intension must be clear to provide jobs not for political misuse.

This announcement is not only for the upper caste community, the Muslims, Christians and Sikhs who do not come under the reservation, those poor sections of the general category will be in its purview. This was not announced by our PM for the very first time, In September 1991, the Congress government of the then Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao had issued the same order too. That was challenged in the Supreme Court. In the historical verdict of 1992, the bench of nine judges of the Supreme Court declared reservation for the poor in the general category on both grounds as illegal and unconstitutional.

First, The Constitution provides for reservation for socially and educationally backward classes. Reservation on the basis economic background is against the provisions of the Constitution and the spirit of reservation. Secondly, on the economic basis, from the 10% reservation it will be 59%, which is more than 50% of the fixed limit of the Supreme Court. Whatever objection was, it will still be valid. But this time the government is going to amend the Constitution. But, the constitution amendment is a complicated and lengthy matter. First two-thirds majority in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha should be passed from the assembly in the states. Even if the amendment was done, the Supreme Court could dismiss him.

The Modi government is doing the same today, which was done five years ago by the Manmohan Singh government regarding reservation for Jat community. A few months ago the reservation was announced a few months before the elections, BJP also supported. The Supreme Court rejected the Jat reservation after the elections and in the elections, the public has convinced the Congress. This time it is happening too. BJP is showing an electoral defeat, is deliberately bringing such a proposal, due to which the focus will be divided only during the elections. The Congress is also playing a game that is why we become bad by opposing.

The government has made created definition of upper class ‘poor’ for this reservation awkward. Those who have paid 8 lakhs or less in income tax or have 5 acres or less land or no big house, they will all be considered poor. This means that almost every general category people will be entitled to this reservation except for one lakh rupees or more than one lakh wages or big farmers and merchants. The laborer or the son of the rickshaw driver must compete with the lawyer and the teacher’s child for this 10% reservation. What can be achieved by giving 10% reservation to the group which is getting 20 or 30% jobs without reservation? There will be reservation on paper and no one will need to give a job to a person.

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