How to Contribute for Environmental Development?

On the Word Earth Day every one of us need to think about environment. People are cutting forests on the name of agriculture, infrastructure development, wide roads and urbanization. When we will start thinking to contribute for environmental development?

Environment is very important component of human life, but human itself is bent on the annihilation of the environment. All of us have engaged in the fulfillment of our selfishness, without thinking for a moment we are continuously damaging our surroundings.

We never think that what we can contribute to the life-giving environment? This is the reason that the balance of nature has worsened due to excessive tapping. We need to understand what’s happening around, ecological imbalance, global warming, noise pollution and air pollution.

It is well known that air pollution is dangerous to humans. But in a recent environmental performance report, air pollution was found to be the leading environmental threat to public health.

Air pollution is an invisible killer. The World Health Organization estimates that seven million premature deaths each year can be directly linked to air pollution, thousands of people died every single year because of exposure to small particles within power plant emissions. In fact, according to the new 2018 Environmental Performance Index (EPI), air pollution is the one of the biggest threat to environment.

Changing the environment

The recent EPI gives an overview of where countries stand in terms of pollution and environmental sustainability. However, it can be also reveal trends both within individual countries and on a global scale. The countries which have ranked the lowest are lacking support for a number of sustainability issues, air being among the direst.

Air pollution has been linked directly with to early brain development. It can cause severe and frightening health effects in humans and, as the world’s population continues to increase, develop and build, it is likely to only get worse if more drastic efforts are not taken. Perhaps this and other reports will give governments the tools to better protect their citizens against this dangerous reality.

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