Model of Development Should be Created by Society

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Sixty per cent of India’s population is under 35 years of age. Such a possibility of human resources does not have any other country in the world but we don’t have any need based Model of Development. We have a great opportunity that we can lead the world with the strength of Indian youth.

The foundations of India are based on social justice, where legally more economic and social justice than justice is important. In any society, the environment of harmony is determined by how much participation there is in the resources of the deprived and weaker community of the country. Seeing this foundation, the participation of the tribals, the Himalayan community, the Dalits and the minorities is becoming a new India, far away, deprived, exploited and inadequate.

Democracy is not a game of data. Its foundation lies on some institutions. But after Independence, especially after the Nehru era, the functioning and structure of these institutions has come down substantially. From the CBI to the judiciary and from the media to the Election Commission, the credibility of all is in the midst of suspicion.

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The question is, what should be the structure of these institutions? Also, what role should global institutions have in the domestic policies of a country? The basic question is, what is the model of development of the country? Obviously this model should be made, in which the society is in agreement, take everyone together and bring equality. What is the model of development that can be found in the future, along with the needs of the present?

When the country’s domestic policies also get affected by the institutions like the World Bank, IMF, WTO, then the question of their role should also be a part of our discussions.

The model of development should be straight from the society. There are some pre-set conditions which cannot be possible without any model of development. These issues like law governance, development of human resources, agriculture and employment status, respect of diversity, transparency of institutions and processes and independence of judiciary are important. The farmer should get the full price for his produce. The law should also be governed and everyone has the right to equality.

Whatever the model of development, the goal of every human being is development. Sixty per cent of India’s population is under 35 years of age. Such a possibility of human resources does not have any other country in the world. We need to take a step to transform this opportunity into strength and prepare accordingly need based development model for social enlistments.

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