Campaign for Digital Detox After Digitization

Digital Detox After Digitization

Digital Development increased our reach towards the rest of world but it snatched too much from our life. Digitization transformed our society into gadget dependent and intolerant. Our capacity of thinking, communicating, reading, writing and analyzing has been reduced.

India and other developing countries are continuously working on Digital Development and Technologies. In our daily life we are confronting with new innovations, platforms, technologies, tools, applications and business application. These are spreading Digital Infrastructure around us and digital business is being promoted in everyday work. Meanwhile, European and American countries have started promoting ‘Digital Detox’. Digital Detox means stay away from devices such as mobile, laptop, Palmtop and communicates with people with or to enjoy the atmosphere of beauty.

In Western countries, while participating in the parties, their mobile, laptops, etc. are taken from the participants. A jammer is also located at the venue, which inhibits the flow of internet waves. Many families in Western countries there are some guidelines for every family members that they will be not allowed to access their mobile phone, laptop, palmtop or any other electronic gadgets during their breakfast dinner time.

Digital Detox After DigitizationAll members of the family are sitting together, but all are busy on their own mobile or laptop. Such scenes have become common among Indian families. Even under the same roof, everyone becomes their virtual world. The mobile phone, computer, laptop or TV’s equipment now necessity a our day to day life, but the screen of such devices and gadgets developing a discomfort and irritating behavior among family members. Due to continuous in touch with such devices human nature is changing and communication power is reducing to because of the virtual world.

Generally it noticed that people build a virtual society around them, they don’t want to put them into reality. It happens many times, people are unable to communicate face to face with a person who is closest in their social network groups. It is not access or use of technology or digital infrastructure; it is an addiction of gadgets, gaming software, applications and social networks. Social Media is one the dangerous development of Digital Technologies; this ruined the future of many young talents.

Findings of research around the world to stay in touch with these electronic devices screen many diseases such as irritability, amnesia, vision, obesity, pain in the shoulders and neck, high blood pressure, insomnia, depression etc. are reported in very high numbers. Our Disease Resistant Ability and Immunity power has been reduced as compared with pre-digital era, When our immunity power is battling so many fronts together, that also affects our daily behavior. Anxiety towards the Smartphone has also been the reason for many accidents.

People get frustrated from continues use of digital technologies or gadgets at their work, office, business, manufacturing units, industries, marketing, education, and other fields of work life. Conventional approaches now turned into digital process, so people have to be in this world of Digitization. These days every field of work or governance is transforming into Digital System. It is forcing people that they must be in touch with technologies and Digitization, otherwise they will be kicked out from their work or offices.

It is true that many features of the Smartphone have changed our world. But the attachment that has gone towards the extent of this craze for these features has made man lonely even among the people. Social networking sites always keep the person engaged in mobile phones. There is no difference at any level. Unfortunately, our attachment towards digital media is becoming more pronounced with extremism.

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