Information Technology and Fading of Creativity

Information Technology and Fading of Creativity

Information Technology has speed up everything in our life. When speed progresses unnatural, it increases anxiety, impatience, rampancy, competition and appearance. Creativity of every person is continuously decreasing as an adverse effect of technology.

In today’s era the magic of information technology has gone on all of us. The public opinion is very influenced by its unexpected revolution. Throughout the world, it has deposited its feet firmly. Net, Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook etc. have given it new areas and new dimensions. Today, any person has been dedicated to the rest of the time to these platforms, which he used to do in creative works. Sometimes it seems that it is not for us but we have made it for it whereas it is merely a means, it is not feasible.

We have forgotten to believe that it is practicable in our day to day life. Despite of all the amenities equipped with information technology, peace and contentment is not visible to anyone, anywhere. Today, natural writing has not been untouched by its effects. I remember well that the time when using the paper and pen, the overwhelming flux of emotions was shaped by writing in the paper continuously, at that time between author and writing. There was no barrier, but on writing on computer today, sometimes for quantity, then we feel that technology is obstructing natural flow of ideas.

Along with the cities, the villages are also influenced by it today. Remember that the time when the village heard the words, the raw trail that runs through the fields to the village, the solution on the collapsed cloth and the shovel picking up, the returning workers from the fields and the farmer burnt the house on the threshold, and the beauty of the soil. The smells, dhoti wick and the light of the lantern arises from the smells, the stories of the grandfather and grandmother, the aarti from the temples and the voices of brothers and sisters mischief, lying in the open courtyard, watching the moon stars, listening to the songs in the sound of the melodious voice, listening to the song, and waking up with a star in the morning, etc. Like all the fantasies used to found in village life.

In the older days, at the turn of every street in the village, all the people used to raise the crowd in the Choupals. All gathered in the dense camps of Neem, Bamboo, Mulberry, Peepal and Banyan, gathered from the afternoon and evening every day. They used to solve the problems of people in the laughter of the peoples around. Everyone’s happiness and misery were shared. Winter season also spread happiness around with bonfire at the centre of village, every young and old share their stories of life. Today, all this remains only in fantasies and books. Seeing the unexpected change coming from the wave of fast-moving growth in the village, happiness decreases, and the pain is greater. In this race, the village’s identity has been left behind.

The biggest victim of this is the art of writing, which is standing on the verge of extinction. Today, hardly anyone of you is remembering that when the last letter was written and who had written, how were the eyelids lying on their feet waiting for the postman for a letter. The euphoria of the postman’s bell was blown away. At that time, there were lot of emotions, soft thoughts, impulses and happiness was attached with the letters, they cannot be found even by searching in electronic messages.

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Today, in this golden period of technology we have all been far away from all these things. Suppose it is proving to be a huge stronghold of knowledge-of-new information. But a strange uneasiness, this unrest and why this impatience is increasing more than before. The impact of technology and digitization is not only on adult but also on youth and children; in small and large hands mobile phones and fast sliding fingers on it have given birth to a new language to send messages. ‘Hinglish’ Neither the entire Hindi nor the entire English, there is no symbol of affection, love and glee.

I also believe that every coin has two sides. Information technology is a part of modern technology. And everyone today needs ‘fast pace’. When speed progresses unnatural, it increases anxiety, impatience, rampancy, competition and appearance. The new technology has given people the power of expression, but like in society, gender inequality is very high even here. Today fewer than ten percent of women are active on social media and they have many dangers at the step-by-step here. Most women do not even know how to avoid them. Here every person is the creator, so the market of rumors is always hot. Our socialism has been most affected by this.

Today, we are always in touch with people of far-flung, but we do not have time for our families and those living around us. It has broken even more than it has added. In the growing and expanding network of information technology, the soft seas of human sensibilities, realizations and expressions is beginning to dry up.

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