Life Beyond Internet and Social Media

Life Beyond Internet and Social Media

Internet and Social Media has become an essential part of our life. We are now limited into information provided by internet. Somewhere we forgot that there is a life beyond these social platforms and internet applications.

It has been proven as to whether adults or children all spent a large part of their lives on the Internet. Sometimes they are so happy to see the likes and goings and no world is happier than us. At the same time, there is so much disappointment in getting less likes or non-receptions, as there are no loved ones left in the world. This internet love and care has become such a disease that we become happy in celestial pleasures instead of seeking happiness in real life.

Thousands of Gigabytes around us are flowing with information. We cannot decide which of these information are really for us. We cannot even decide how much of these information are to be given in our life. At some point we like used to take out the tools. Likewise today we have not talked a little bit that they start tickling in the stomach of the internet. Any information that we get over the internet are to be treated like a Holy Truth.

If there is pain in the stomach, if the chest is in pain, then the internet will entangle you in the symptoms of thousands of diseases. Now you are in tension. What the hell happened? Now my life is in danger etc. While we consider them to be truth rather than conscience and scientific contemplation, and our sleep of nights are going to be spoiled.

Social Media and Internet

The Internet does not store any personal information in view of personal needs. Rather, it simplifies knowledge and information at the global level. Information can be related to personal and group levels at many official platforms. There is so much to note about the fact that while acquiring internet information and knowledge, so much care must be taken about which information and knowledge is available and what I want.

Look at the information vendors and markets and try to understand this as a data manager, you will find that every information and customer needs are fabricated and sold according to the needs. The information which is not according to the market that is prepared according to market conditions and demand.

In today’s world the world has come into limited in data. From any corner of the world, we can take and share the news to other corner. This is one thing that happened. The Internet is not just a medium of knowing and sharing news, but it is important to learn how to do it for us in a broader way. If we use social media and platform only for photos, GPS location share or it can be used in some other way. We need to do this carefully and in positive perspective of society.

Our children and adult are using both class information and data to improve their lifestyle. But we forget that whatever information we throw on social media and platforms, and then our data will be no longer private. They all become aware of everything. Recently a social site has been in disputes, the question behind this is the privacy of user’s data and information. We are happy to enter the social sites without thinking of all the steps, breathless beats that I am here today. I’m doing it. I am also etc. There are times when we do our personal moments all the time. Why do we enjoy showing and cheering to others?

Perhaps we cannot imagine the way the information and data influenced our privacy. But that day is not far off when we will meet only on social media platforms. All our privacy must have been ended. Our lives will be transformed into a data or information.

Data and information should be given and delivered according to need. It is better to give as much information as much as you need. If you do not give the information according to the eligible or as per requirement, it will start to overflow. Then we will need Data Manager. Do not let the information dominate over yourself, so we have to promise ourselves. Then perhaps we can live our lives better. Every move of life and every moment does not have to open. Some are such corners that can be opened only with a special one. It does not make sense to do them all the way.

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